Monday, November 26, 2012

Poop Matters

Even though I may be a brand new mommy, one thing I’m not new at is diaper changes. With almost all our friends and families having babies before us I have had my fair share of diaper changes, I’m a bit of a pro lol. So imagine my surprise when my newborn son was pooping and peeing through every other diaper when we first got him home.

Exhaustion plays a big part in everything you do as a new parent, so I didn’t pay much attention the first few times Knox soiled through his diaper, through his clothes, all over whoever was holding him and even dripping all over the floor; Until I noticed the ridiculous amount of laundry that was accumulating for such a small baby.

My hubby, who is new to diaper changes, was quickly getting discouraged wondering if this never ending mess would end, he asked “is he really making that much of a mess to go through diapers like this?”.

We had been given different newborn diapers to try from my sister in law who’s new born was almost  tend pounds and didn’t last in newborn diapers very long. The ones we decided to try first are the Huggies diapers with the umbilical cord cut out, figuring that would be the best choice for him to start off with. Well not the best choice… We found that they hardly absorbed a thing and Knox who is 7lbs 12oz was in one pee or poop flooding the diapers and making big messes. Like i'm talking big mess, mommy changing her shirt four times in one day kinda messes and a very upset baby who is now being cleaned up and changed over and over again.

I asked around to some of my friends and they all seemed to say the same thing, that when their babies where in the Huggies diapers they made big messes. So I quickly changed packs of diapers and moved on to the Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers. Ryan (my hubby) quickly noticed a difference in the make of the diaper and we were hopeful! We are very happy with the Pampers diapers, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! As Knox gets bigger so do his pees and poos and thankfully with the Pampers diapers, no messes!

We absolutely understand that the occasional mess is going to happen, that those little diapers cannot hold everything. But we change him every couple of hours with his feedings and there is no reason for a diaper not to be able to hold a pee from a newborn. So we are now happy Pampers users and are doing a lot less laundry (for Knox and mommy).

So my recommendation, at this stage of diapers, is to go with Pampers and save yourself on lots of clean ups and an unnecessarily upset baby.

Lotsa Love,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

As someone who considers themselves a good cook, I feel like I have a lot to learn about baking; so I’ve been exploring that side of the cooking realm much more lately. My sister in Law Charly introduced me to Pinterest and as does everyone else who comes across it, I got addicted. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVA THE FOOD, so all the recipes and delicious delights on Pinterest are my special addiction. With some time off I decided to explore some of the deliciousness that I always gazed at longingly and always thought I couldn’t do on my own. AND GUESS WHAT, I was wrong!

I came across several repins of what can only be described as heaven or Cinnamon Sugar Pull apart bread. When I finally decided I was going to try to make this bad boy and was brave enough to click on the link to find out what I was in for, I came across the blog “Joy the Baker” the place where the recipe for the deliciousness was housed. At first when I scanned through the page was HUGE and I was a little overwhelmed, but then I started reading and immediately changed my opinion, it wasn’t just a recipe, it was a how to and witty commentary as well. I read over the full post first and then started prepping for my adventure.

What is great is that in every moment during the recipe where I could have doubted myself or went astray, she had made a comment reassuring me that I was on the right track and to continue (how did you get into my head JOY?). Because of her obvious years of experience and attention to detail this recipe was an amazing success! I will definitely be going back for more great recipes in the future.

Cinnamon Sugar pull apart bread ended up being a perfect combination of a beaver tail and a cinnamon roll! YUM! This recipe does take some time though, as you are working with a yeasted bread, so do not think you’ll be making it in 30mins. But if you take the time, read all of Joys comments and just keep stirring you’ll end up with a treat  that I’m sure will become a favorite.  
Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011



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